Thursday, 28 June 2012

Big in Japan

I met a really interesting girl today! Her name is Marie, and she works on the set designs for soap operas and a famous Japanese boy band, called Arashi (). The literal translation is “storm” and I hear they are a big deal.

She showed me some pictures of her with the cast and crew and kept pointing at all people saying how famous they were. I nodded my head in agreement even though I didn’t have the faintest clue. What endeared me to her the most was that soon after I met her she went to look out the window and accidently pushed the screen out of place.  I did the exact same thing when I first arrived so I was able to help her out. We went walking around and compared famous singers and actors. She knew who Eric Clapton was! Turns out he is quite popular there and her father is a big fan of his. Also she really likes the Backstreet Boys but now Justin Beiber has replaced them as her favorite. I really wanted to ask if she had heard of Martin Solveig's song “ Big in Japan” but I chickened out. What if it she hasn't, and it turns out there not?
It's best to stick with what we know. 

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