Sunday, 17 June 2012

Express Yourself

The inspiration for starting this blog came from a conversation with two close friends.  After walking around the park on a beautiful Friday evening, we sat down on an "idyllic" bench. I never knew this before but bench sitting is an art. It has to have the right mixture of sunlight, shade, and scenery. Seeing as the best part of a walk for me is the sitting part (walking is the necessary evil to get to a perfect place to sit) this is the part I remember the most.

We were talking about how we could keep in contact over the next two years when I am in China. Twitter is out, since I have never had an account, and Facebook might be hard to get to, so no more status updates for me.We finally decided on a blog, a private journal for the whole world to read! Oh joy. I will mostly write about myself (I can be narcissistic that way) and about the country I'll be living in and the many adventures that come my way. I will post photos and if you're lucky, even videos of myself  - but no singing ones.

I am glad to say that finally, today is the DAY. I leave Canada tonight and fly to Taiwan. I am excited since it has been all I have thought about for the past couple of months. I have my passport, visa's, and a really heavy suitcase. Seriously this thing weighs almost half as much as I do - but it feels a whole lot heavier. I will leave you to figure out the math on that.

First adventure update to follow - when the plane touches down in Taiwan!

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  1. Yay Berekti! Wow, you are in for such an adventure! I look forward to reading up on what you are doing and thinking. Safe journey!