Thursday, 28 June 2012


I am so happy right now. I just got back from signing the lease on my new place and it's perfect. I thought that since I would be living with other foreigners I wouldn't have a chance to practice my Chinese but they all speak Mandarin! They speak much better than I can which means I can practiced with them.

 Basically I will  be living in a basement suite that has a shared common area ( kitchen, living room) with three other roommates. It has unlimited A/C and utilities are all included in the rent. The best part is my rent is 4000 NT cheaper then I thought it would be. Because I am signing over another girl's lease the Landlord decided to lower my rent which includes the damage deposit. Yeah!

This leaves me with more money to work with during the month and it's not all tied up in the damage deposit which I will get back when I leave in August. I'm very excited to move in and feel like a big weight has been lifted off me. Tomorrow is orientation day and I'm proud to say that I even have plans for the weekend. 
(How is that for moving fast?). Everything is falling together and I'm no longer dreading the next few days. Hooray!! 

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  1. Yay! That's awesome! I'm glad the apartment has turned out so well.

    And you do realize you are going to have to tell all about these weekend plans!