Friday, 22 June 2012

Registration Day

I survived registration day! Not only that but I did rather well if I do say so myself J

What happens is they take you through a six-step process from giving you a student ID number, to paying tuition fees, to taking a proficiency test. I had the luck of being in line right behind another Canadian so we had a good talk about how we felt about Taiwan so far. We both felt like our Chinese wasn’t very good and were nervous for the oral test. I was number 32 and when I asked the helper if my number was going to be called in Chinese or English he just looked at me funny. My number thankfully was called in Chinese. The lady interviewing me was very sweet and I think she could tell I was pretty self-conscious. Right after I sat down I gave her sad puppy dog eyes and we both burst out laughing. It works every time! After that I felt much less embarrassed and did my best in reading and speaking. I was surprised at how much I actually knew. I could understand all her questions with exception of a few words which I haven't learned yet, or only knew the old-fashioned word for. Reading is really my strength, and I did well, but had to guess a few times at certain words. A typical conversation I can read out-loud goes like this:

: Hello, I’m Mr. Wang!

: Mr. Wang, Hello! How are you?

: I’m good how are you Mrs. Zheng?

: I’m very yellow (oops*) I mean hungry. How are you?

: I’m very angry (wrong*) I mean busy right now. How about we eat lunch together after I finish work?

: Sounds good!

: Okay, goodbye! 
: Goodbye!”

As you can tell I am in a class all of my own.  
The whole process went by fairly quickly and there were a lot of volunteers to herd us around. Being a Huayu Enrichment student I had a couple extra responsibilities as well. One was going to the National Immigrant Agency and getting a record of ID so I can open a post office account. My one pet peeve I would have to say is how everyone thinks the directions they give me are so clear, “It’s  Xiao Nan Men Station Exit 2, right in front of you”.  It is not! It was a block over and then take a left. Then walk into the wrong building and get directions to go right, and then take an elevator up to the 3rd floor.  I finally found it but really when it comes to directions I am like a child. Please speak slowly and use exaggerated face expressions, that way I have something to smile about while I am on my way getting lost.

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  1. You are so brave!!!! I couldn't handle it! I'm not a worldwide foreign language traveler! I'd much rather jump in my car and drive cross country! Stay safe! Have a great time!