Saturday, 23 June 2012


Anyone who knows me knows, I am not a big fan of the creepy crawlers. It’s ironic since I’m the traveling type who likes to go to countries that don’t have the same type of standards we’re used to in North America or just no standards at all. Supposedly my brother tried to cure me of this irrational fear when I was child by putting small spiders in my hair, and much good that did me.

Anyways, I had to switch hostels because my stay was up in the one I've been living at for the last few days. Sad to say the new hostel can’t compare at all. It’s in this gigantic building in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't find the bus stop so I had to take a taxi there and even the taxi driver got lost. He didn’t charge me extra thankfully, but I could tell he was glad to get out of there. Arriving by taxi is pretty stylish, eh? I thought so and was sure I was going to make some sort of big dramatic entrance! But there was no one there…. It was like a ghost hotel and the only people alive were at the front desk and they were about to go too.

So I checked in and gloomily made my way to the elevator, the thoughts of fame and grandeur slowly slipping from my mind. My room was on the eighth floor, and perhaps to save electricity, all the hall lights were off. Using the eerie glow of lights behind bedroom doors to guide me I found my room. The room was functional and I had my own bathroom and T.V. which was nice. After putting my things away I sat on my bed and started going through my receipts and calculating how much I've spent so far in Taiwanese Dollars. Fun stuff. Just as I was in the middle of these gruelling mental calculations I looked up and saw a huge hairy spider on the wall opposite the bed. It was brown, the size of a plate, and I could almost see its beady black eyes staring at me.  Freaking out inside, I calmly stowed my receipts, and any breakable objects, away. Then I tried to decide what to do next. I could go the wimpy route and go get help, or I could use the very thin strips of toilet paper they gave me to kill it and throw it in the garbage. Obviously I went the cowardly way. I ran to the elevator and then waited, and waited, and waited. The doors opened I stepped in and then waited and waited. The doors closed.

I reached the front desk and told them about my problem. They weren’t even surprised, turns out this happens a lot. They told me not to worry because most spiders in Taiwan are not poisonous but if I’d like they would come get rid of it for me. Yes, please.  Once we reached my room the spider was kind enough to show its face before it disappeared behind the cabinet. Unable to reach it, they told me to just dial 9 if it came back. WHAT! There I am 9pm at night alone in my room with a freaky spider and I KNOW it’s there somewhere just ready to pounce. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long before it came back out, I dialed 9 and they were quick to respond as if I gave them marching orders. While I waited I sat in the washroom the only safe place in the vicinity. They came, they saw, they got rid of it. I was disappointed to see that within the time frame of first seeing it, the spider somehow had shrunk to only being the size of my hand. After knowing it was gone, and checking the room twice for more, I very carefully wrapped myself up in my blankets so I made a cocoon. I turned on my computer and sent my Mom a very strange Skype message. The gist of it was “Hey, Mom! …. Are spiders scared of the light?”



  1. Oh Berekti! I feel you pain, I hate spiders too and woodticks, and snakes. Funny story though I was at Mommy and Me the other day with Abbey and some of the moms were talking about how they were afraid of things like spiders, woodticks, etc, but didn't want to transmit that to their child, so when they find a woodtick on their child, they are like, oh look a woodtick, in an excited voice, do you see it moving, look it is a girl it has a necklace.... not sure that I could do that! Hope you have no more spiders in the near future! Love ya!

  2. Bea- love your story about the spiders!
    We are doing well here- Dad comes home tonight from Ft MC so he and I will be busy next week, getting ready to go down to the lake.

    Grandpa loves your stories- so does Chris Suelzle.. so keep up with the entries! People here are glad to hear you are doing well!
    Hope your day at church went well!

    Hugs and love to you-