Monday, 25 June 2012

Supper Time

Today was really fun! I made friends with another person at the hostel and we spent the whole day together sightseeing and eating. Her name is Vivian and she lives on a small island from Taipei called Kinmen. She speaks fluent Chinese and hardly any English. This made it fun for us to try and communicate and we did pretty well! 

A little secret of mine is I haven't been able to eat very much Taiwanese food while I've been here. The problem being all the signs are in characters and most of the shop owners speak limited English. It's hard to overcome the language barrier especially when you are hungry. I do the best I can but for the most part I either don't know what I am ordering or go to a place that understands English. Unfortunately the latter option includes higher prices and I'm only on a student budget. Thankfully I met Vivian!

In the Morning we woke-up at 6:30am just to be first in line for some Baozi a type of steamed filled bun. After breakfast we went our separate ways but met up for lunch eating some take out. I had no idea what was going on so she had to do all of the ordering for me. It ended up being delicious and lasted me most of the day. 

To end off the night we went out to eat with one of her good friends who works and lives here. He spoke absolutely no English but was impressed with my limited Chinese speaking skills. Dinner was really good and I mostly just listened to them chatting away in Mandarin while I devoured my food. Whenever I didn't know how to eat something the guy would mimic eating it for me. Vivian also, in an attempt to be helpful, started feeding me as well because the tofu is so slippery to pick up! I finally got the hang of it but by that time it was all gone.

He's not as serious as he looks. 

It's looking right at you!

yi, er, san :)

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