Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Time Games

I keep messing up the time! Yesterday I met a friendly person living at the same hostel I am, and we agreed to go for dinner. They meant later in the evening and I meant immediately. I contribute it to poor English skills on their side and over eagerness on mine. We finally figured it out after an embarrassing stalker like scene on the sidewalk. I wasn't sure where we were meeting so I waited by the front entrance. They came by at the same time but for window shopping… (I tried to act like a mannequin.) In the end we figured it out and had a really good evening at a local restaurant. The restaurant was a bit fancy, you could tell from the dim lighting and menu prices, and I would liken it to an Earls or Moxie’s back home. That being said it only costed me $6 Canadian.

The other time issue happened today at 3:00 AM. The back story is I'm a bit nervous for today because it is registration day and that means a Chinese proficiency test. I already freeze up whenever someone talks to me in Mandarin and on top of that I have been out of Chinese classes for 2 months! I don’t remember anything, and I really hope they ask easy questions. This weighing on my mind I set my alarm for 6am and dove, Michael Phelps style, into my bed for a good night’s sleep. I was dead tired and went to sleep immediately. I awoke even though my alarm didn’t go off and my clock said it was 8:30 am! I panicked and in groggy mode decided the first thing I needed to do was wash my face haha, I don’t know why. After that I went into my room and checked my e-mails while simultaneously looking online for the time in Taipei. The internet said 3:00AM and I was really confused! Deciding to trust the internet, it’s always right anyways, I re-set my watch. (I also took a look outside and it was pitch black).


Now I am up at 3AM with a racing heart and nothing to do. I guess I will start packing for registration day and on top of that I'm changing hostels since I only booked this place for 2 nights. Well I hope the new place is ready for this hostile takeover!! Ya… I’m a bit tired.  

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  1. Jet-lag confusion can really be a doozy. >_<

    I would have loved to see you try to act like a Taiwanese mannequin.

    love you!