Thursday, 12 July 2012

Little Incidents

This week seems to be full of little mess-ups here and there. I didn't find them that funny at first, but in hindsight, they are not as bad as I supposed.

1.  A washing machine that doesn’t CLEAN your clothes

I was excited to use the houses laundry machine since I had accumulated a pile of unwashed clothes from living in a hostel for 2 weeks. I had washed things by hand, here and there, but bigger items like jeans, and towels were hard to do. Using the machine wasn’t so hard even though it was all in Chinese characters. What I did was close my eyes and and randomly pick a button, just joking. What I actually did was choose the biggest button I could find that was also green! Green means go usually, and red means stop or combustion, I can’t remember…

So I started the machine and then listened for the little tune it makes to signal its done washing. It’s not an annoying “beep, beep” sound, instead it’s more like a nursery tune. They like their music here, even the garbage trucks play Beethoven's “Für Elise”.

Once I heard the tune, signaling the end of the wash cycle, I headed upstairs to hang my clothes to dry. At first I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, my clothes looked clean and they smelled good too! But as I started hanging them up I noticed pieces of lint and fluff on them. Then I looked closer and there were streaks and blotches (for the record, I do know how to sort laundry into colors). I decided then and there that it might be worth my while to go use the coin laundry machine down the street, a washing machine that makes your clothes dirty isn’t exactly a keeper.

2. When the shower head sprays  you when your fully clothed

I wanted to do some washing and needed a bucket full of hot water. The sink isn’t quite big enough so I decided to go with the bathroom faucet. I know the water can get really hot there because I've been scalded by it before. Positioning the bucket under the tap I turned the hot water on, noticing the valve for the shower head was turned left. In a moment of horror I realized no one ever takes baths (because we don’t have tub) so the chances of the water coming from the faucet, rather than the  shower head was very slim.

Luck was not in my favor. I ended up being sprayed with scorching hot water… again.   


  1. Hahah!! Sounds like you are having some domestic adventures as well as travel ones! ^_^

    Love you!

  2. Hey Kiddo- you have to keep up the family tradition, even if you are on foreign soil! Love you- hope your clothes turned out okay. MOM