Friday, 6 July 2012

New Home

I finally have a permanent place to live out the next 2 months! I moved in Thursday but due to school and just plain laziness I didn’t actually unpack and get settled until Friday evening.

It’s just how I remembered it (sometimes your mind can play tricks on you) and I really like it. Basically I have a queen size bed and a living room all to myself in the basement. I share the upper area, with three other roommates, which consists of a kitchen with a fridge and stove tops, a bathroom and living room area. I’ve only met one roommate so far so it seems like everyone stays to themselves for the most part. I don’t mind so much because I am pretty tired after school and it’s nice to have so much privacy. Living in a 6 girl hostel was fun but a bit trying at times. Now I have so much more space and freedom of movement!

My classes are going well and, as classmates, we all get along. The girl from Russia is named Natalie and we had a conversation about a book I just finished reading called The Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

 Its premise is the cancer ward  of a hospital in Russia the year 1955. The patients are men from all different backgrounds but it is mainly seen through the eyes of an ex-labour camp prisoner named Oleg, and a well to do government official, Pavel Rusanov. What I like most is the emotional description of each life, how they view death, living, and their purpose in the country they live. It goes into great length about human characteristics and whether greed is a natural tendency or a hold over from the bourgeois. My favorite part is when describing Rusanov's life the author shows how selfish he had become. In speech it was always "For the People, We Love the People" but truly he couldn't stand the average citizen and went to great lengths to be separated from them. I think that can happen a lot in political life. Individuals can get so caught up in their own image or to a certain standard of living that they aren't in touch with those they are supposed to help. It's probably because it is far easier to describe a poor person, than to be one. 

It turns out though, my friends isn't much of a fan. She says it is too dark, and recommended I read Tolstoy instead. 

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