Tuesday, 3 July 2012


My days have been so busy and I love it! My first class is at 10:20am and my last class ends at 4:20pm. There are 20 minute breaks between each class and I usually grab a bite to eat at noon.

Many of the classes I am taking are supplementary which means they are not mandatory but count up to a certain point towards my credit. I really am taking as much as I can so I will learn faster. My morning classes are completely in Chinese which scared me at first but ended up being a lot of fun. The teacher will have you speak into the microphone to practice sentences so you have to always be on guard! The first class I attended was Chinese Conversation for Beginners where I learned how to shop for fruits and vegetables (because you know how much I love my veggies).

The second class had to do with pronunciations and tones. It’s much harder for the Spanish and Japanese speaking students because some of the sounds they never had to make before. For me I find the “ü” sound challenging, it’s halfway between an “E and U”. Then finally you get to my last class of the day which is really my core class. It consists of 10 students and we practice speaking, writing, and pronunciation. By the end of the day my brain is overloaded and I’m super hungry. I eat at one of the many restaurants in the alley way and rest for a bit in the Library even though technically you’re not allowed to sleep there. I strategically place a book to cover my eyes or I just pile Calculus books on the desk cause everyone knows what that subject can do to you.

In between studies and eating I do make time for friends. I am going to add an extra list to my finances which is “ unavoidable eating”. Whenever you meet someone new you have to eat with them or at least buy a drink together. This makes my stomach really happy but I do have to watch my spending. Luckily everything here is less expensive than in Canada so my money spreads farther. The big news for this week is  I move into my new home which is much closer to the University. If I plan it right, I will hardly have to use the Metro at all! I will be able to walk to school or cycle (with the bike I don’t have).

Both ways it will be a shorter trip for me. I look forward to settling into my new place and having a consistent weekday. The weekends I have saved especially for outings and sightseeing so there will be lots of pictures to come J    

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  1. Sounds like school will keep you busy! Have fun moving into your new place.

    And I look forward to seeing photos of your adventures!