Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Cellular Tragedy

Everything so far has been going pretty well in Taiwan. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but it is ridiculously safe here. I haven’t had any problems of theft or harassment, and even on the metro with people crushed together, I've never had anything go missing.

 Just my luck that the first thing I lose in Taiwan is my cell phone.

Adding insult to injury, that same day I was bike riding with a friend and she was explaining how she tends to lose her belongings a lot and I was secretly gloating at my success of organization that enabled me to keep track of all my things. I really should have knocked on wood, but there was none close by and I was riding a bicycle which requires two hands.

You see back at home I was constantly losing my cell phone and then finding it again, I swear the thing had legs and would try to run away from me. But in Taiwan I'm a golden girl, I never lose anything! It could be due to the fact that I have limited possessions and thus more reliant on them, when you only have one pen it is easier to keep track of it than a dozen[i]. I have a backpack and a school pack with the only difference being that my school pack is prettier. I shift items from one to another on a daily basis and in the end it works out fine.

Last night I had my school pack and went to 漢堡王 (Hànbǎowáng) to eat with a friend. After dinner, as I was headed down the stairs, I checked my cell for texts and then put it in my front pocket. I then leaped onto the back of my friend’s scooter, because that is the only way to get on a scooter, and it took us 3 minutes to get to my place. I then had my friend drop me off at the alleyway near my place and I walked the short distance to my house (I have privacy issues obviously). Once entering the house I went down to my basement suite and relaxed on the couch. I then remembered I had to text someone back and reached for my phone and grabbed… nothing. My heart leaped up into my throat and I hurriedly went to through my bag looking for my phone in vain. After rearranging my whole place, it looks rather charming now, I came to the conclusion that I had indeed lost my phone.

Now it isn’t the actual losing of the cell that bugs me since I only had 10 contacts, but the not knowing how I lost it. I walked back to漢堡王 and asked if they had seen it. They said they hadn’t and I walked dejectedly back home. Along the way I scanned the road for signs of a smashed cell phone and I saw none. Even now I am not really certain if it is missing. I hear it vibrating, or think I see it when it is actually something else. Its ghost is following me around which is pretty unfair since I took good care of the phone, it was an old razor phone with a missing back cover, yet I treated it like it was an iPhone 4.   

The last thing I have to do is pay retribution to the actual owners of the phone since I borrowed it from my roommates. My plan is to tell them that I lost the phone, but ask if I can buy it outright from them. That way they will have to take my money, because I know they will refuse it at first, and this way if I do find the phone I can keep it and money won’t have to be exchanged back. Needless to say I feel pretty terrible about the whole thing, I lost property that wasn't mine to lose. Also I was so close to having a winning streak in the department of not losing a single item on my trip. Now I have to dust off the chalkboard and start again... from zero.          

[i] A pet peeve of mine is owning handfuls of pens where half don’t work and the rest are almost out of ink. I think a pen should be used until it's done then thrown away. It's a much better idea then collecting broken pens ones like a hoarder – no offence to hoarders.  

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