Monday, 13 August 2012

Picture This

Tonight I went ice skating for the first time in a long while. Of course, I was the only one who saw this as a deathly competition and not the social get-together it supposedly was.

I had to put on some false bravo to make up for my inexperience. It's a heavy burden representing Canada, a country that sweeps the winter Olympics like a Zamboni does to ice*. The other countries represented at this great event were Japan, and America (who had two participants, because they always seem to be the favoured ones). Unbeknownst to me one of them had a lengthy skating past that definitely would of put him in a higher ranked competition.  

We started out like I usually do, getting lost on the way to the Arena. Once we turned ourselves around, we made it in good time to rent our skates which thankfully had no line-up. I was a little surprised to find that along with the skates came headgear, knee pads, and what looked like to be elbow pads. I understood the option of a helmet, but the rest seemed a bit excessive. The only one who chose to wear some sort of head protection was Japan. She chose this I think, because she is the only one in the group with brains to protect and she also looks good wearing it.

Nevertheless it was a good 20 minutes before we were laced up and ready to go. This always seems to take the biggest chunk of time and the impatient feeling that accompanies it is only intensified by watching those already on the ice enjoying themselves.

Finally we were ready to go and off we went! I’m unsure how many laps we did but it was a lot. As usual there were a whole range of individuals who joined us, from the semi-pro ballerina doing spins in the center, to the new beginners cautiously putting one foot in front of the other. I was somewhere in the middle when it comes to ability but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. I practiced doing The Karate Kid stance on ice and I think the likeness was startling.

After chatting, racing, and posing, we were eventually kicked off so that the employees could go home. We walked to the closest MRT Station and then took the transit to get some food.

If I was to give out medals it would be Gold for Japan, since she successfully attempted tricks her first time on skates, Silver for America, because put together their talent was half of Sidney Crosby, and Bronze for Canada with a special certificate in sportsmanship. Do the results really come as a surprise to anyone? I thought as much.

*  *Zambonis don’t actually sweep the ice. What they do is lay down a layer of clean water so that it will form to freeze a smoother surface for skating and falling upon. 

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  1. Hahah!! You would clarify the exact method of a zamboni. ^_^