Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Typhoon Warning

Typhoon Saola is predicted to hit Taiwan around 6pm tonight. We were told to stock up on some non-perishable food items and that there was a good chance of the electricity going out. Realizing that having no electricity meant that my beloved hot water boiler wouldn't work, I added to my meager food supply of two ramen noodle cups. 

              (bread, coconut spread, vanilla wafers, sweet bread, and two bottles of water!)

Before you get too worried (Mom) it’s still a small chance that the power will go out. The locals are very used to this sort of thing and the store owner even more; the price of food tends to rise right before a typhoon anywhere between 2-20%.

It is an unfortunate thing though that I live in a basement suite, when there is chance of flooding. I am thinking worst case scenario I will put all m y important documents in a water proof bag and sleep upstairs on the couch.  Luckily there are no windows that can be smashed in due to strong winds. Our teacher was explaining how the 7-11 Stores tape their windows with packing tape in a criss-cross fashion and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if we did the same.

Advised to stay at home, I will spend this evening getting to know my textbooks better. I still have a test tomorrow afternoon but it depends on the weather, if it’s really bad I won’t have to go to school. This puts me in quite the dilemma, what should I hope for?  


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