Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Dragon

Being the protagonist of my own story, I’ve had the misfortune of meeting my antithesis. At first I had no idea and greeted them much like I do others. After being in their presence for a time, I realized how morose and cynical they intended to be, and I didn’t feel like staying very long. Now though, after a series of forced acquaintance, I’ve realized I will never be completely rid of them.

This has made me look to the bright side of our association which is the irony within our conversations.

By constantly being negative, they in turn throw me into a positive light.  I feel like a subtle jealousy of gender is being played out on which I never agreed to be part of. The majority of people I spend my time with are guys and this might have something to do with it, but I do have friends that are girls. Even still, this doesn’t seem enough of a shield to protect me from the glare.

Their temperament is to be callously direct in conversation, which first caught me off guard, but now I see as being one of their many defenses. In fact by looking at their perspective I could see, though not quite condone, why they act the way they do; sometimes goals not yet attained leave a bitter taste in the mouth. As well being older can change your perspective and make you feel like time is running out. For the sake of my story though they must be thrown into the harshest light possible. If there is no opponent then how can I be a champion? 

I have not yet conquered, but I have kept my holding. I reply in kindness or avoidance, the latter is my preferred option. I have gotten a couple of shots back, which I am a little proud of, but try mostly to avoid unnecessary conversation. I was even able to make a new friend while they were vainly trying to separate us. If they could have it their way, most likely, I would be locked away in solitary confinement.

I know not all people you meet you’ll get along with, but in my case I feel that they lean towards the extreme. I hope that if nothing else this will help me take precautions to purposefully avoid their situation and never mould into an unbreakable shell.

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