Friday, 15 February 2013

First Class

I have yet to travel first class in an airplane. I figure I will be a lot like my Dad in that way, and the only opportunity I will take is if I’m so sick and dehydrated they think I’m a goner.

Now I don’t harbor a particular grudge against those that do fly high, but I know for me I would never book it. That being said, I appreciate the little things in life, like being able to lay down on an 8 hour flight, and this time I did! I know what you’re thinking, I saved someone’s life and out of indebtedness they (being the person I saved, and entire airline staff) moved me ahead. 

No such luck.
 Though I did contemplate becoming a physician just so I could be needed in a scenario like that, something much less dramatic happened.

There were hardly any people on my Calgary to London flight so we were able to sit wherever we liked. I was able to grab a middle row all to myself the whole time hoping that no one would claim a seat near me, or that the stewardess would ask to see my seat number, because frankly I find them intimidating even with their pleasant smiles. 

Once the airplane took off my heart was set at ease and I was able to enjoy a full flight, stretched out. Thanks to the measurements of my body, I’m able to comfortably lie down across three rows of seats and pretend I’m in a queen sized bed. At first I wasn't sure if that was even allowed, but I was so tired that I took the chance of getting caught.

 The real tug of war came into play when I had to decide between sleep and movies. The highlight of air travel is being able to watch as many movies in a row as you like, and not get in heck for it, because really, what else are you going to do? I usually don’t even know the length of an air trip because I measure it in the amount of shows I can watch continuously. Yet I know how important sleep is, one of those basic necessities of health, and took the fortuitous change in seating assignment as a sign that I should get as much of it as possible. So I indulged, wrapped my blanket around me, stretched my legs out, and quickly fell asleep to the sound of soft classical music.  

When I awoke from my beauty sleep we were preparing to land in London. I languidly got up and settled myself into the upright position. My feet didn't tingle and my legs weren't numb! Self-satisfied, I sat waiting for landing thinking of ways that this could happen again. I determined that from now on I should always take advantage of crowd less planes, and to always have my CPR  certificate on me, just in case.      

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