Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beautiful Stillness

A feeling that I find myself often reliving is one of silence. I at times even go out of my way to find this and its benefits are hard to quantify.  I think you’re never alone when alone, yet this physically being apart from others helps with the banishment of distracting noise. That’s not to say people are inconveniences to be dealt with, but at times it’s good to step away from the madness of it all.

Being alone has an interesting effect on your mind; to some it shows them what they really are underneath all the affectation and pomp, while to others it lays bare the emptiness inside.

In both scenarios it allows for a type of inward reflection that is seldom to be had outside of religion. For many people being around nature also allows a place for these feelings to surface and consequently has them equate the great outdoors with a type of spiritualism. 

As for me, I’ve come to understand that it’s not a place, but a state of mind. It makes sense that in the wilderness, or particularly beautiful building, these emotions might arise since it conditions our minds to be pliable. It goes to show that when we take the time to be still, we become aware of that which already is. It’s like staring at the surface of a lake which is always reflecting our image, but we can only see it once the wave’s agitations have ceased.

That’s the true aim of self-reflection I believe, to see yourself plainly as you are.  

Once all the layers are taken off you’re left with something so wonderful, yet painful at the same time. Much like a newborn that is beautiful to see yet extremely vulnerable, you have to start over again with your weaknesses exposed. If we dress ourselves back up in garments borrowed from others and dependent on their scrutiny, then we haven’t gotten any further then when we began. But if instead we carefully wrap our vulnerabilities up in layers of improvement and analysis, we’ll transform ourselves into the likes of that which has never been seen before.

There is no one mould fits all, a lesson that took me some time to learn, but there is a pattern you can follow to sew together your own path and it’s worth taking the time to be still, and find out what that is.

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