Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Takin' Care of Business

Since I've been back to my hometown, the name of which no one outside of Alberta seems to easily remember, I've been busy doing a few things.

The first thing I did was get a new debit card.
This card was to replace the old one that was stolen in Shanghai along with the rest of my wallet. I also incidentally earned some money, seems that thieves these days are bit more generous than before. Most likely what happened was that I forget the exact amount in my account since it was lost and now everyday is Christmas, I don't know what to buy first.

Another big step up on the responsibility ladder is updating my driver’s license.  
That was rather a painless affair except for when they "forgot" to give me my passport back. I know how precious those things are, lucky for me no-one in a ten-mile radius has my beautiful skin complexion or else I would be stuck in Canada forever which on second thought is kind of wonderful. I do regret though that when she asked me if all the information was correct for my new ID I forgot to mention I grew a few inches and got a piercing, now it’s too late, the shame of it all.

Something else I did oddly enough at the same time was to renew my Alberta Health card so I could put myself down as an organ donor, very convenient yet suspicious.

I also have a new job but more like an old job with longer hours. I’m a semi-volunteer with the semi being I don’t get kicked out of the house if I freely volunteer. It’s a lot of fun since I get my own desk, and permanent markers and file things all day long. I’m in charge of categorizing things alphabetically which is really hard since I've forgotten how to speak proper English, who in their right mind then believes that I can spell it? I’m also reading foreign names out so that doesn't help me improve yet I am thinking of having an alter ego and naming her Prisilia Opi.

So for today at work we did something a bit out of the ordinary. There’s a sidewalk event going on downtown so I was part of the man (woman) power holding the booth. It was a really nice day, warm with blue skies, and there was a live musician singing all of my favorite songs so a very relaxed atmosphere to say the least. I ran into some old friends and might have scared one or two of them with my sudden but welcomed presence. There was also a trampoline with a harnesses attached that I wanted to try but the darn little kids took up half the line. They also said the weight limit was 200 pounds and then turned their backs, but I'm not too sad, there’s always next week.   

As you can see not a whole lot of new changes in my life but I'm finally settling in, I've unpacked all of my things and have a bed to call my own. I've started listening to the Vinyl Cafe at night and laugh myself to sleep. I'm really enjoying the familiarity of everything from food to kindness and can say rather confidently that it's all starting to feel a lot like home.  

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