Sunday, 7 September 2014

Enjoy the Moment

The sun was shining so brightly yesterday that I went out to see what it was smiling about.

I found a secluded area by a few bleachers and laid down, stretching my body out like a totem pole so as to dangle my feet off the edge, which of course they were in no danger of doing.

As I was looking up into the sky it hit me how incredibly lucky this moment was.

Here I am, 22 and in my final year of my bachelor’s degree. I've traveled, I've studied, and have had amazing support along the way. I've learned a new language, and if taken care of that language will open doors where before only a glimpse was possible. I feel like so much has happened but no words come out when I try to express it. I haven’t changed to the point of being unrecognizable, but there’s something definitely different.

There are those around me who've done this and even more. It makes me incredibly happy to see them pursuing their choices and turning ideas into concrete goals and achieving them.

I can’t help but feel though that there are certain demons chasing us. The largest one is an anxiety to be in a different moment of life. Behind the smiles and exclamation marks is an anxiety to prove that we are perfectly happy the way we are and yet completely miserable. Dreams that haven’t materialized still rule our nights, and, if not properly secured, run away with our fears.

It’s as if some are waiting for the graduation date, the wedding ring, or the job offer to be completely happy. Because of this, short-term choices are hard to make and long-term ones are impossible. We can easily fall into this groove of biding our time until something better comes along, and while we wait our true value as an independent person is slowly being degraded.

If you’re an unattached 20-30 something year old you should realized what an amazing part of life you’re experiencing right now.

You’ll never be in as much control of your environment, personal choices and decisions as you are now. This gap of autonomy gives you the freedom to know yourself without another person constantly peering over your shoulder. It’s a perfect time to understand your own capability, test yourself physically and mentally, and to be surprised by what you can do.   

If it’s a hard period of life filled with sickness or heartbreak you’re in the best condition to bear it. The ability to bounce back from hardship is a gift to the young and can be cultivated throughout our lives. Sooner than later the person of knowledge and understanding will be yourself, so keep from, however instinctive it might be, constantly look to others for guidance and work it out in your own mind.

This moment right now is fleeting; soon we will be moving on to better and greater things as well. Don’t stop dreaming but stop obsessing.  In the same way that we passed elementary school, survived high school and learned to drive, all the milestones of life will come across our path.

Instead of fretting about what you haven’t done think about what you've achieved. The moments you've experienced are yours alone and no one can take that away.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, enjoy the moment. Our time is short; we can waste it or choose to cherish it.       

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